Frequently asked questions

What is Newsday N Touch?
Newsday N Touch is the electronic version of the daily Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, with a few added features. Included in each online issue are additional links to websites, video ads, and additional editorial pictures. New issues are uploaded by 5:00AM every morning and you can be access them via your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What does the Newsday N Touch subscription cost?
There are five different package options for you to choose from. The costs are quoted in US Dollars and are as follows:

1-day $0.23US
30-days $7.49US
3-months $17.99US
6-months $37.49US
12-months $59.99US

What is included with my digital subscription?
You get unlimited access to the current issues of the Newsday N Touch digital newspaper, which can be accessed at anytime, or place from and smart device or computer.

How can I pay for my subscription?
We accept payment with all Credit Cards via online subscription form.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?
Yes you can. After completing the sign up and purchase process, you will need to give the username and password you entered, to the gift recipient. The password can then be changed, should they need to. Please ensure that YOUR email and telephone contact are included with your information and not the recipient’s, so that we can send the billing info to the correct individual.

Can I still subscribe if I live overseas?
Newsday N Touch is available wherever you have access to online services. Daily home delivery subscriptions are only available locally at this time.

Why is my home address necessary?
In order to send you billing information, we need a physical mailing address.

What happens after my free trial period?
After your free trial period, you will be asked to pay for your subscription, using any of our easy options. Should you be experiencing any difficulty, please contact

What if i choose to cancel my subscription?
You can cancel any of your Trinidad & Tobago Newsday newspaper subscriptions at any time by contacting our Circulation Department. Our Circulation personnel may ask about your decision in order to help make our services better. You may resume your subscription as soon as you are ready to do so. You maybe be entitled to a refund for the remainder of your subscription. Please call our Circulation Department to find out more.

How long after subscribing will my service start?
As soon as your sign-up process for the free trial of Newsday N Touch is completed, you will get immediate access. If you are renewing your online subscription, the payment must be made and accepted for your service to continue.